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Re: [LIG] kernel.org mirror


Today we've added the Linux Documentation Project to the mirror site as
well. Do check it out at http://kernel.org.in/LDP/.

If you have any difficulty accessing the mirror via its domain name, please
use its IP address -

Write in to mirrors@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your suggestions.

Indian GNU/Linux Software Mirror

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Abhas Abhinav wrote...

>[Try http://kernel.org.in/ if www.kernel.org.in doesn't work -- Raju]
>Hi Everyone...
>There was discusion lately about kernel.org mirrors in India. Well, we are
>pround to announce yet another mirror - http://www.kernel.org.in. Its
>officially registerd as a kernel.org mirror - check out
>Anyway, at Kernel.Org.In, our idea is to have a complete GNU/Linux software
>mirror right here in India. As of now, we the kernel.org and gnu.org FTP
>sites mirrored daily. Shortly, LDP should be here as well. Our aim is to
>finally have the apache and samba projects, GNOME and KDE sites, ibiblio archives
>and rpmfind.net mirrored locally. In addition to these *big* sites, we also
>plan to mirror smaller repositories such as ReiserFS.
>Please visit http://www.kernel.org.in for more information. HTTP access to
>the archives is through http://www.kernel.org.in/mirrors/ and FTP access is
>through ftp://ftp.kernel.org.in . If you have any suggestions or comments
>on something you like or don't like - please write in to
>Do test out the site fully... and tell us how you find the speed...

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