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Re: [LIG] kernel.org mirror

Thanks for the info, and the mirror. :-)


At 01:39 AM 7/27/2001, you wrote:
There was discusion lately about kernel.org mirrors in India. Well, we are
pround to announce yet another mirror - http://www.kernel.org.in. Its
officially registerd as a kernel.org mirror - check out

Anyway, at Kernel.Org.In, our idea is to have a complete GNU/Linux software
mirror right here in India. As of now, we the kernel.org and gnu.org FTP
sites mirrored daily. Shortly, LDP should be here as well. Our aim is to
finally have the apache and samba projects, GNOME and KDE sites, ibiblio archives
and rpmfind.net mirrored locally. In addition to these *big* sites, we also
plan to mirror smaller repositories such as ReiserFS.

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