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Re: How to run xwindows remotely

Hi there Yash,

> I have a windows client connected to both a Winodws server and a Linux
> server.
> We can access the linux server by telnet.. but by this way we cannot run
> xwindwows.
> Is there any way in which we can start the GUI  remotely???

If I understand you correctly, what you really want to do is, run an
X application on the linux box with the display set to your windows client.
If so, that is exactly what X was designed for.

You need an X server. You can get a free X server for Windows at jcraft.com.
It will need JAVA. Once you set that up, you can just telnet to your linux
box and login. If the IP address of your windows client is 123.456.789.123 ,
just run the following command -
export DISPLAY=123.456.789.123:0.0 ; xterm &

That will set you up.

-- Pai