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simple ftp problem


i was actually feeling stupid at this simple problem, or so to me it seems.
i need to share my "dos" partition using ftp (with read/write facilities)

i guess i sure am missing out some simple method of doing this, but here's 
what all i tried..!

1. mount /dev/hda1 to /var/ftp/pub/dos (but write access was denied..)

2. i tried to add a user "rbs" to the ftp group. and then connect fo ftp 
using "rbs".

3. "chown rbs:rbs /var/pub" (although its security wise insane, but anyways, 
even that didnt work..-- probably coz /var was owned by root:root...)

4. tried to create a hard link for /dos , but hard link for directories is 
not allowed...

! please, if anyone could help me out...