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Re: NetWork Card?

Hi there Sahil,

> Hello,
> I upgraded my Kernel from 2.2.13 to 2.2.19 on my Slackware Box.  Now, I
> restated it and everything was perfecto.  I turned it off, switched it on
> after 2 days and it wouldn't recognise the card.  Can somebody tell me as
> to how can I get working?  It is an NE2000 Compliant ISA Card.

Glad to know that there are still some guys around who love SlackWare. I
still remember the days when we were told that SlackWare was the easiest
distribution of linux to install ;-))) .

Now for your specific problem. The NE2000 ISA driver needs to be told
the irq or the base address of the card. IIRC, the base addresses that it
scans are 0x300, 0x280, 0x320 and 0x340 in that order. I remember that I
always got my cards to work with a
modprobe ne iobase="0x320" 

or something like that - keep varying the iobase.

You may also try something like
modprobe ne irq=5 

This time keep varying the irq until it works.

And remember, if all else fails, RTF HOWTO - the Ethernet-HOWTO, 
in this case ;-)))

-- Pai