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Re: Blocking pornographic sites]

I have a third party webmail setup where all the users are created in an
ldap directory but have the same uid no. so all the users getting
authenticated from LDAP appear as a single user on the mail server. the LDAP
properties specify the homedirectory of the  virtual user so the mails do
not mix but quotas are not enforcible

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> >so while they cannot check their mails, the mails keep coming and in
> of a system to enforce quotas, the HDD fills up continuously.
> Which brings us back to the question of why you can't enforce quotas
> (something related to LDAP), IIRC. IMHO, you can't have a decent setup
> quotas, even on a small network (where a wicked mail loop or user can put
> out of commission).
> Since I have used LDAP + quotas effectively for a long time, I advise you
> try and fix *that* problem first, and then decide whether to play big
> on your users as a quickfix.
> wr,
> nikk
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