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Shameless plug :)

	Managed ro run Quake3Arena on Linux. Well.. nothing in it to
manage anyway, runs out of the box :). Thanks to Loki for the tip about
making it the full game.
	However, this goes out to those who run windows just for gaming.
For long, I thought gaming on Linux would never be like its on windows,
but... talk of ignorance. Quake on Linux runs like windows can never dream
of. I'm using 1152x864x16 in Quake, and i get frame rates in excess of 75
FPS, and I can point my railgun right at Xaero's nose from a mile away :)
No seriously, GL support in Linux rocks. I guess most games are now
available for Linux, and I suggest you give it a shot to know what true
nirvana is :).
	And dont let people's .sig's trashing X-Windows disillusion you.
XF4 takes X performance into the next generation, adds support for most
popular devices, and kicks major 3D ass. Take the plunge. Now.