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audiogalaxy satellite

I wasn't the dude, but I've used Audiogalaxy Satellite, and here's the

1. Go to http://www.audiogalaxy.com .

2. Login (or create a new account).

3. Search for songs by entering the song name and/or artist name in
the small box near the top.

4. Choose the song you want to download by clicking on the satellite
icon next to it.

5. The song will be added to the queue, and the next time your
Satellite runs, it will automatically start downloading.

Hope this helps.

-- Shiv JM

>>>>> "neil" == neil  <thereisnotanidleft@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    neil> ok... who was that dude who talked abt audiogalaxy???  how
    neil> did u get the satellite to work???  i made the account.txt
    neil> file... but it doesnt seem to be working...  any help???
    neil> any specific browser u need to use???