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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

folks i believ it depends upon how u came to know about it
M$ made me realise a lot of things which i thot were copied by Mac...
so i would think M$ made it popular..
neways thans for input and a history refresher..


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: > So i guess if the concept of mouse was  invented by
: > macintosh they couldnt market it but on the contarary
: > i think everyone of us knows 'mouse' thru microsoft
: > only.
: you are wrong here. firstly the mouse and gui were invented by xerox in
: parc labs. And apple stole it from there. And it was apple who popularized
: the concept of mouse and gui thru the macintosh. The mouse was there on
: for a number of years till it became popular on the pc platform.
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