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Re: audio from VCD!!

> WARNING! If you use neil's *bhaiya* way, there is a big chance of the
> enemy of sound engineers FEEDBACK. Just imagine: whatever is coming in
> line-in is being played on line-out, also whatever is going to line-out is
> routed to line-in. And as buzz lightyear said "to infinity... and
ahem! dear vipul... that is why i called it the bhaiya way... its not meant
to be understood by suit-ups like us.
but neways... i consider myself a nice guy... so ill explain it.
hmm... well it goes like this...
when u play the song it goes to the line-out(obvious), and since the line
out is connected to the line-in, it then goes into the recorder...
but, the recorder doesnot give any output to the sound device... or at least
... it shudnt...<grin>, so arnt we safe???

> Not good for your speakers and not to mention... your ears ;-)
ahem! did i mention speakers anywhere??? think harder... u dont hear


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