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net not working in X ??

Hello guys,
I am having a tough time trying to compose this mail
in links.
i just compiled me kernel and am using the new one but
a queer problem has cropped up.
i cane the net in text mode - but as soon as i star t
X (wm=gnome) the net stops working. everywhere it just
says resolving host!
i think the conflicting app is gnome-name-service cuz
aafter the ifup ppp0 command is issued and i startx
then in /var/log/messages it says starting
gnome-name-server and then "name server was running on
display, exiting". after this net no longer works!
what is this gnome-name-service and what does it do??
there are no man pages or help for this!!
i have built ppp as a module
my kenrel is 2.4 (RHL 7.1)
please help,
i have spent now 12 hours on this prob, but in vain
thanx a lot in advance
saurabh nanda

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