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Re: Simple question

> Actully I want to take input form a video source (VHS)
> and save it as audio not video
> This would mean that i have to figure out at what rate (alltough some one
> said it was 300bps) the video is comming.
> and then change it to an editable/workable audio format.
> The audio recorded on the VHS is most probably at 16bit 44Khz.
> What do u say?
what do you wan't to do???? do you wan't to save the audio part of the video
to a digital format. Because if that is what you are doing, then this is all
that you need to do:
1. connect your vcr's audio out port to the line in port of the sound card
(you might need a rca to mini jack cable for this)
2. connect the vcr's video out port to the video in of a tv or the composite
in of a video capture / tv tuner card.
3. now play the vhs tape, and you shud be able to record the audio stream
using the sound card in your pc.

The important thing is that the video and sound streams are output using 2
different connectors/cables..

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