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Newbie DBD::Pg question

Just started on postgres a few days back and was having a few questions
about the perl interface to it. According to perldoc DBD::Pg

       Although PostgreSQL has a cursor concept, it has not been
       used in the current implementation. Cursors in PostgreSQL
       can only be used inside a transaction block.  Because only
       one transaction block at a time is allowed, this would
       have implied the restriction, not to use any nested SELECT
       statements. Hence the execute method fetches all data at
       once into data structures located in the frontend
       application. This has to be considered when selecting
       large amounts of data !
Frankly speaking I am not sure what the Author is saying here. Anybody
cares to elaborate on the whole paragraph ??? I do have to extract large
amount of data but I am not sure whether it affects me or not.