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>    I have scsi cdwriter HP 9600 configured to work with linux-2.4.4,
> I too have RH 7.1 CD's, Now i want to write the two instllation CD's
> Can someone tell me whats need to be done to
> make the CD's bootable,
> i am using mkisofs to make the iso image then-> mounting that image to
> the data and writing the data on CD by cdrecord program,
in the mkisofs docs, there is a readme on making bootable cds.. The system
is actually quite simple.. u take a bootable 1.44mb floppy, and then make an
image out of it. After that you will hav to tell mkisofs the location of
this file, and the location of the boot catalog (the boot catalog is
automatically created by mkisofs..) What you will now get is a bootable cd.

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