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Re: [LIH] Fetchmail with mails of mailing lists...

* Yashpal Nagar [linux-india] <22/06/01 17:56 +0530>:
> I have Sendmail 8.9.3 on a server and all the mail for a domain are
> going to domainbox user,
> written in virtusertable in sendmail, here i am fetching all the mails
> on a Qmail 1.03 server.


> set postmaster "postmaster"
> set bouncemail
> set properties ""
> poll somehostname.com with  proto POP3 envelope "Delivered To:" <-> add "no dns"

Is there a "Delivered To" header being inserted in the first place?

>     localdomains firstlocaldomain.com secondlocaldomain.com

also use

aka firstlocaldomain.com secondlocaldomain.com

>        user username there with password  somepassword is *  here
> ###########
> Can someone tell me where i am wrong!
> Please help

Too few details.  Provide the output of fetchmail -v


Suresh Ramasubramanian  <-->  mallet <at> efn <dot> org
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