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I would personally think you should delete *everything* create 3
partitions.  Linux Swap, Linux, FAT/NTFS.  Make the Windows
(FAT/NTFS) Partition the 3rd one.

Install Windows First, once done, install Linux, and then edit your
lilo.conf file accordingly.  I have a similar setup on my AMD K6 233 and
am thinking of doing it on my NoteBook too.  


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On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Support wrote:

> Dear All,
> We are facing a problem while installing Redhat Linux 7.0, the machine on
> which we are trying to install , has WINNT4 installed on the first partition
> which is 2 GB,  we are able to accomplish the installation, but after the
> installation , when the machine is rebooted it comes to LILO prompt
> displaying the alphabet  L and hangs. The configuration of the machine is as
> follows :
>  PII 266 MHz
> RAM 512MB
> HDD 20GB
> Please help me to find the problem
> Thanks & Regards 
> Vineet
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