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Re: ROOT Doesn't Exist.URGENT HELP Req.

Ok, sorry, your passwd won't match if you give su oot.  Your best bet
is to boot into single user mode by giving 'linux single' at lilo,
unless you have disabled it.  Then you will get root prompt and can
edit /etc/passwd again.

>>>>> "Lokesh" == Lokesh Setia <lsetia78@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Lokesh> try 'su oot'

>>>>> "Harish" == Harish Kumar <harish_kumar73@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Harish> Hello .  I 'm using linux 7.0 webserver. I had came a
    Harish> sever problem in login into the server with root passwd .
    Harish> when I say - $ su It gives me error - " su: user root does
    Harish> not exist "

    Harish> By mistake, earlier I had gone to /etc/passwd file and
    Harish> there by mistake the very first one is root , which gets
    Harish> saved as oot instead of root, by mistake.  and due to
    Harish> which I 'm unable to log into root.

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