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Re: ROOT Doesn't Exist.URGENT HELP Req.

try 'su oot'


>>>>> "Harish" == Harish Kumar <harish_kumar73@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Harish> Hello .  I 'm using linux 7.0 webserver. I had came a
    Harish> sever problem in login into the server with root passwd .
    Harish> when I say - $ su It gives me error - " su: user root does
    Harish> not exist "

    Harish> By mistake, earlier I had gone to /etc/passwd file and
    Harish> there by mistake the very first one is root , which gets
    Harish> saved as oot instead of root, by mistake.  and due to
    Harish> which I 'm unable to log into root.

    Harish> Can any once provide the help Urgently.

    Harish> -Harish- Kumar

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