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Re: outta virtual memory

>>>>> "metalmaniac" == metalmaniac  <metalmaniac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    metalmaniac> hello geeks, i was compiling xracer on my sys as
    metalmaniac> root.  i shut down all the services, gpm, xfs,
    metalmaniac> sendmail, atd, crond. only the mingetty were on.  i
    metalmaniac> have about 64 mb ram and 128 mb swap space.  in the
    metalmaniac> middle of compilation it says "virtual memory
    metalmaniac> exhausted."  what do i do? how much memo it needs to
    metalmaniac> compile a prog.  any solns.  thanx in advance saurabh
    metalmaniac> nanda

Are you using Redhat 7.0 or Mandrake 7.2?  If yes, your problem might
be due to a bug in gcc.


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