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Re: Linux in Schools

> I am from Naval Public School, Chankyapuri. Incidently some time ago

Great. One more potential school. Along with DPS noida and the other
two that i had earlier mentioned.  

> What i feel is not only students (irrespective of their stream) but even
> teachers could benefit from Linux. I proposed a "Free School" concept

That's interesting, and good. I was apprehensive of the scenario that
comp science departments in schools would consider us as competitors.

> listen to us. "Why Linux?" most of them will say. What then. Giving them
> a presentation and a guaranteed running system does not help. More
> discussion on the meet.

I agree. And that's the good part of folks like you pitching in. We
need to come up with a FAQ of common questions likely to be asked by
students fed to M$ products at home and school, when we approach them.
And you folks would be the best to help up there.

> Though i might not be a Linux guru, i can and would definately convince
> students to start using Linux.

We need spirited and willing folks here. Looks like you have a lot of
that! ;) What else would we need?

We need to have a SIG(Special Interest Group) on school education
running under ilug-d. Similarly a SIG on college education would be a
good idea. Any volunteers to start off that? Pankaj ? Supreet? This is
not to be a one time event, but a continuous one. Folks can choose to
be a volunteer in any SIG of their choice. Similarly a SIG on
corporate education would probably work - Raj? Ankur?

Let's do some interesting stuff than meeting once an odd month and
chatting away the meets. Not to say that nothing useful happens
there. But maybe folks could come up with something we can do TOGETHER
in the time between meets???

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com