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Compress TCP headers

Hi all,

i was trying to use "Compressed-TCP headers" to transfer data over lan. This
method involves using ssh to make a secure "compressed" connection which
enables a better transfer rate...

the command i used was ...

ssh -l root nexus -C -L12345:nexus:80 -f sleep 10000

this makes a connection from a computer "exodus":12345 to "nexus":80 (the
web server). The browser(on exodus) is then asked to use localhost:12345 as
a proxy.

now the problem ofcourse is "its not working..! ;)".

error 1. ssh gives this error
"chan_shutdown_read : shutdown failed for fd8 [i1 o128]: Transport endpoint
is not connected"
and this error is repeated for every connection tried...

error 2: the browser (at exodus.vavi.com) gets a response from
"nexus.vavi.com" saying "Forbidden 403: access denied".
(i think the fact that the server at nexus responds to a page request,
suggests that the connection between the two computers is working...)

points that i thought might be important.

1. routing on lan is quite simple. infact its just two machines.
2. without the proxy setting, the browser works properly, and is able to
access the nexus web-server....
3. i get the same error even when i try completely remove "exodus" from
picture , i.e. when i use only the server. where i connected some arbitrary
port (12345) to port 80 using ssh, and got the same error(s) while

is there any configuration error? or is ssh broken? ;) (yeah, i know blaming
it on softwares is easy..! ;) but any help is invited... and i am using RH7,
so ssh version should be pretty new...

thanx in advance...