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Re: Re: kernel 2.4.1 pcq "make dep" problem

Yes , i got now kernel 2.4.4 working... coooool
it looks fast enough in boot time..gives login within few sec only...:-)

Thanks Sandip, Vavi and Narang for help.



Naresh Narang <nknarang@xxxxxxxxx> Wrote---
1.  Rename /usr/include/asm and make it a link to

2. Rename /usr/include/linux and make it a link to

make it clean and recompile. If you still have
problems get some other version 2.4.x


> Also i untar the linux src 2.4.1 in /usr/src
> only...after  rm -f linux sym link to 2.2.14
> and running "make dep" just after that..
> still this problem is sukracharya ji :-)
> There is limits.h file in
> /usr/src/linux/include/linux/limits.h not limit.h
> correct me if i am wrong...
> Please help

-- Naresh

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