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Re: my internet connection is very slow in Linux

a lot of things could go here.
1. maybe your DNS server set-ups are not configured properly. i think i had
this once, when (my my DNS servers were typed incorrectly and ) netscape
used to search for "home.netscape.com" and finally open up after the
connection was dropped.

2. peak time? yeah, i know its a stupid reason, hope you would have looked
into it already..!! ;)

3. though i still dont understand the reason for the 9600 bps question. hope
you havent tampered with the "/etc/ppp/ppp-on" settings.. if you did, try
making the baud rate to "115200" or atleast 38400.

p.s.: by the way, i am ready to make the remark about "extremely" fast
connections under linux, so dont loose heart..!! ;)

p.s.2.: and if you get that working right, you could also try for further
tweaking, after reading the AT command set module... that gives you a few
better options to work on. like error corrections, compressions, faster
dialing rates, and fall back on default settings. for eg. i use
ATs11=40x1&Q9\N3%C1... but beware, some settings dont work in win, or maybe
some wont work on your modem... so take care, and try them out one by one...

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> Hi guys,
> My internet connection is really slow on Linux. I
> connect via the kppp. The speed is really pits. I took
> me half an hour to open my yahoo mail box and compose
> this mail.
> Also when the internet connection is established. none
> of the shortcuts or menu commands work. I cant even
> open up another netscape or terminal window. It just
> doesnt open. As soon as i dosconnect all of the
> windows open automatically as if they were waiting for
> me to disconnect.
> I also get a statement saying connected at 9600 bps
> ..though my modem is a 33.6 kbps GVC extrenal modem.
> Windows blazes through the internet and LInux is like
> I am woking on a hopelessly slow (aka to 286 machine)
> Any suggestions?
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