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Re: ls output

the 2nd column dipicts the number of hard links to the file's inode.
and the 5th column dipicts the size of the file in bytes

q in ur case is a directory ... which has 12 links set to it.
Since directory is also a file when it is created the number of links to the inode is set to one. Inside every directory 2 files are always created a . and a .. the dot file is actually a hard link to the same directory file. so a . file inside the q directory is a hard link to q. That is why when u create a directory the number of links are set to 2.

When ever u create a new immediate subdirectory inside this directory (q) the number of links for q increases by one. and this is because inside this new sub directory the '..' file is a hardlink to 'q' directory.

(So my guess is that you will have 10 sub directories inside the q directory.)

Hope this helps


Can someone explain me the meaning of numbers for the output of ls -l
command (column 2 and column 5)


drwxr-xr-x  12 root     root        18432 Apr 16 19:34 q
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