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Re: ls -l output

Hello Sanjay

ls -l     Write (in single-column format) the file
mode,  the number  of  links  to the file, the owner
name, the group name, the size of the file  (in 
bytes),  the timestamp,  and  the  filename.   By 
default,  the timestamp shown is that of the  last 
modification; the  options  -c and -u select the other
two times- tamps.  For device special files the size
field  is commonly  replaced  by  the  major and minor

I found it from

--- sanjay singh <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> Can someone explain me the meaning of numbers
> (column 2 and column 5)
> for the output of ls -l
> command.
> regards
> sanjay


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