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Re: reboot

With the description of the system, I presume u know the root password.

You cannot reboot the Linux machine through ur user account via telnet and
linux does not allow root login via telnet, So here's  how for the keenly
1. Do a Telnet and  login as a normal user
2. Switch to root (using "su root")
3. execute the command for reboot, etc as u have root previledges.
4. you should see the system rebooting.

It worked for me when i had tried it (in January 2001) using RedHat6.2

PS. other fun stuff to try out. Do a telnet on the Linux machine and play
some good mp3 songs remotely. It is really cool to see it happen. (u can use
mpg123 ..the command line mp3 player)

try your hands out at FTP also..With FTp and Telnet. u may never need to
touch the keyboard of ur linux machine ever. All the operations would be
possible remotely.

Happy Networking!!!

Yash Dayal
4th Year Computer Science and Engineering.

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