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Re: NT vs Linux filesystem

Hi Nishant,

>>>>> "Nishant" == Nishant Kumar <nishant_k@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Nishant> Be specific and tell me ..  the difference between NT and
    Nishant> LINUX file system(Security wise).and which you think is
    Nishant> the better one and why?

    Nishant> NishantKumar MCSE, GNX,B.Com(Hons.)

First of all, if you reread your mail, it is a little impolite.  You
don't order someone on a public mailing list, you ask for it.

And here is the answer:

There is no such thing as a LINUX file system.  While ext2 is the most
popular format, there are many better and faster alternatives today
including, but not limited to ReiserFS, ext3 and XFS.  However, none
of these is currently included in the default Redhat installation,
which happens to be the most widely used commercial distribution.

ext2 has some advantages and disadvantages over NTFS.  Advantages
include speed and very little fragmentation.  Disadvantages being lack
of journalizing support (so you need to run fsck after a power

ReiserFS and XFS support true journalizing (not just meta deta as in
NTFS), and are considerably faster.  So, when these become standard,
things will probably be better in all aspects than NT.

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