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Re: Celeron Vs Duron


If u r going for an agp card, then make sure that it is a good one. Nowadays
the nvidia riva tnt2 based cards cost in the region of rs.3500/- so there is
no point in buying a cheap card to compromise on the experience... In fact
the intel 815 nboard video card is quite good with a p3!! Today i got my
office pc's 815 onboard video upgraded to a matrox g400, and i noticed only
small change in fps in quake 3 arena (and here we do play lots of quake!!!)
Dont go in for any cheap agp card (e.g sis/trident/cirrus logic) those are
worse than the intel 810/815 onboard graphics accelerators.. i wud recomend
either a matrox g400 if u wan't crisp display on a large monitor or any
nvidia (riva tnt or higher) chipset based card (never used the newer ati or
s3 cards!) if u wan't good 3d performence!

> a big word of advice... please check if it supports OpenGL, coz i didnt!
> ;( and ended up with an otherwise good ATI Rage2c (4Mb) card, but couldnt
> speed up my NFS games..)
> so lookout for an OpenGL support...and that extra few hundred bucks would
> worth it....
> vavi
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> > AGP card(Should i go for it or not...i do like NFS!!:-)
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