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Re: partition manager...

You could get into the standard sequence of installing linux...

1. Get a linux Distribution, preferrably RH, or atleast i started there..
2. Its got docs(i cud mail em over outside the list) that you "should" read
before proceeding.
3. if you have any one of the partitions completely empty, probably you can
go on to step 5.
4. Use FIPS(also on the RH CD), to split a partition into two...
5. boot using the Cd, and u can select which partition to install to, during
6. there are a lot of other things to be looked at like booting options  -
LILO/loadlin, Swap space reqd..etc... so i suggest that you do read the docs

nd.. i have RH 7.0, if you arent able to find anything else..


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> hi! all,
> i've 20gb harddisk and have two partition on that one is primary dos
> partition and other one is extended dos partition. and the extended dos
> partition has three logical partitions . now i want to install linux, and
> want to know that is it necessary to have the non dos partition to install
> the linux and if yes then how can i do it without loosing my data. one of
> friend told me that i can do it with the help of partition managers. which
> partition manager should i use ? any url will help. i'm searching on net
> can't figure out which one should i use.