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[Kind of OT] Apache suexec help


As some of you would be aware, I'm in the process of releasing v2.0 of
VishwaKarma, a GPL web-hosting control panel.  VishwaKarma works on
the basis of having a set of Perl CGI scripts for performing common
tasks which map into each domain (user)'s web space through directives
in httpd.conf.

I'm looking for a method which will allow the scripts to execute as
the appropriate virtual domain user/group when executed through any
domain.  Apache permits User and Group directives within VirtualHost's
(for use by suexec).  However, since the domain owner isn't the owner
of the script file, suexec barfs and rejects the script altogether.

Since the scripts reside in a shared/common directory they have to
have a seperate owner/group.  One possibility is to comment out about
10 lines in suexec.c to disable the owner/group test, but I hope
there's a better solution.

Any ideas?

BTW, VishwaKarma is available from http://kandalaya.org/ .  All help
in coding/documentation/package selection appreciated.


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/