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Re: Re: [LIH] Your opinion please - no flame wars !

amitso>I dont know if  suse or caledra should be on the 2nd and 3rd pos....
amitso>but Red Hat Defenatly deserves to be below them ! :o)
amitso>Damn ! wats got into red hat...have u tried 7.0 !!! phew....even MS wont
amitso>make such mistakes.

guys guys guys ...
this discussion is going nowhere.
we have named almost all the popular distros ... but have most probably
ended up without  a solution for the chap who posted the query(whom if i
may say i dont even know till now)
i feel there is no perfect distro for beginners .. and none that are bad..
it all depends on the person we are talking about. how fast he is at
grasping, how much time he is willing to spend pulling out his hair, how
long will he wait before he decides to chuck linux and head back to
windows... more importantly ... what is the reason for hius switch...

if the aim is to learn how to use linux ... there is nothing better than
learning the fundamentals... ie learn without any fancy tools... just like
my math teacher made me remember tables from 1-20 not that i ever need all
of em... so debian is the right choice... no doubt u will end up pulling
out ur hair more often and by the end of the endavour... u mite not have
any... but by the end of it... u will LEARN linux ... 

if the reason is just as a pastime ... head back to windows now... dont
waste ur time ... cos most pastimers head back... 

and if u are doing it cos u have no other choice(ie a means to an
end..) and want a quick fix ... then choose one of the more "make u
silly" distros... like redhat or mandrake...etc... it really doesnot
matter which one u choose... theyre all the same in this respect...

hope this helps u make up ur mind chappy...


Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?