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Re: win2k server and linux dual boot

folks ,
i said i realised my mistake, win2K does have a boot.ini (all versions
earlier i thot only win2K pro had)
sometimes u jump to conclusions without checking out the whole thing,
(happens always with me, :-) )
neway i am now successfully booting Mandrake 7.2 and Win 2K SErver  using
Win2K Loader


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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] win2k server and linux dual boot

: > yaar wint nt _ linux mini how to is based on the boot.ini in winnt ,
: > doesn't have ne such file..
: > booting mechanism of win2k  &win nt is different....
: > ne ideas....
: r u sure abt this... right now i am dual booting mandrake 8.0 and win2k
: using the win2k boot loader!!!
: Bye,
:     /\ |\/| |3 /\ r
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