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Re: apache subdirectories

Don't know if this mail will reach the list or not(an hotmail account is banned i heard!!)

to map the ip address to a domain name u can edit the \winnt\drivers\etc\hosts file -- In case using winnt
or \windows\hosts file  -- For win 9x

ping does work for the ping a.b.com then

Goldwyn inside ur virtual host settin gin the httpd.conf try setting the server name to some value like... lnx.somedomain.com
and inside the windows client machine make an entry in the host file as

<ip address> lnx.somedomain.com

now try directing ur browser to lnx.somedomain.com
and then try lnx.somedomain.com/test/index.html(make sure u have the index.html in /var/www/html/test directory!!)

use it in dns because windows clientx doesnt understand the
ping it will prompt but
ping a.b.ccom
not possible.

> I am buiding a site but however it is placei can't figure outd in the
> directory named test in /var/www/html
> now when i try to access thru any of the windows clients saying
> <ipnumber>/test it say page not found.
> However only <ipnumber> gives me the right page - the apache test page
> (I have still not changed it)
> Moreover on typing localhost/test on the same (linux) machine works.
> What cud b the reason
> Thanx
> Goldwyn :o)
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