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Re: Linux Training (fwd)

dutt_p>I am quite intrested in getting hands on experience on linux with live 
dutt_p>projects.can anyone tell good centres or training institutes for the same.
dutt_p>thanks in anticipation

whohoa...(imagine it if u have ever watched homer simpson do that on tv)
we finally have a post from a member of the "farer" sex.

oye raju: hadnt we banned all hotmail ids???

as for the querry pratibha...
i havent heard of any "good" training centres around. they, as far as i am
concerned... dont exhist... all of them are completely useless when it
comes to HANDS ON experience... but then no coaching could ever be
good. true learning is an intrensic process.. 'watch and learn'...
IMHO, the best way to get cracking wud be to just join one of the open
projects on the net and work from there... a problem here and a solution
there will constitute the learing in linux... anthem:do it yourself.
but thats my 2 paisas...
tho quite a few on the list would agree( hey all of u itching to yell
NOOOO, just keep shut.lol... or say it politely..)


Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?