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Linux Family expansion plan at Lucknow

Hi Vivek,

The first (and perhaps only, for a long time) thing you need to do is
start the mailing list.  That's how Linux-Delhi started.  Once you
have some mass on the mailing list, organise monthly meetings, etc to
help people get to know each other.  It doesn't matter if no major
work gets done in the first 2-3 meetings, as long as people get to
know each other.  Once that has happened, things will move by

There's a LUG-HOWTO, BTW.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Khare <vk_khare@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> Dear Sahil, I shall be obliged if you could help.  Could
    Vivek> you kindly tell me what kind of setup I will be requiring.

    Vivek> Regards Vivek Khare

    Vivek> Sahil Gupta - NET4U wrote:

    >> Would you like my help?  I am more than willing to help you
    >> setup ?
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    >> Family Expansion Plan
    >> Dear Raju,
    >> I wish to start a LUG at Lucknow, could you kindly tell me What
    >> to do from the scratch.
    >> Regards Vivek Khare
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