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Re: hi this is rakesh

please any one can help me configuring my scanner with my linux

I am using OpenLinux eDesktop ver 2.4 on my pc
i am having intel 810 motherboard so xwindows is configured properly
i am having Acer Scanprisa 340P scanner (Parallel Port)
but i am not able to configure it and use it
i dont know that  it is supported by linux or not.
plz help me.
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> Cool, glad to have you here.  Do come (with your Dad) for the next
> meeting, on the 15th.  Look forward to seeing you there.
> Regards,
> -- Raju
> >>>>> "Mohit" == Mohit Taneja <mohit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Mohit> hi, ever body .  I am 11 i started using linux after my dad
>     Mohit> made my comp a proxy server and made a home network < as me
>     Mohit> and my were fight on who will go on line so if you need
>     Mohit> help in set-up i can help to some limit
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