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Re: Web site

Thanks to both Nishi & Sunny to reconcile & understand the matter. We
can proceed ahead fom here.
Only if this way of reconciling/understanding each-other become smore
common, half of world's problems would just disappear.

Nishikant Kapoor wrote:
> Sunny Holani wrote:
> >
> >         Seems you havent /ever/ maintained a website for a group. Good for
> > you, but guess what! it's the most thankless thing in the world to do. You
> > get flamed when you dont do your job, and then - just when you've done
> > something and start feeling good about it, you get flamed for having done
> > it all, alone!
> Not correct. Check out http://wpaa.org/ that has about 600 members as of
> today and still growing. I have been maintaining it for over a year now
> and I do have others contributing to it. The only thing I try to make
> sure is that everyone in the team stays informed about who is doing what
> so that we do not step on each other's toes. Of course, good ideas and
> suggestions are always welcome no matter where they come from.
> >         Veteran talk? ;) Whats the point?
> The point is that I do care about DLUG as much as anyone else although I
> have not been keeping active lately due to my other commitments taking
> most of my time.
> >         Is that your grouse? I already explained why a new membership
> > directory was being made.
> Well, without getting into how and when we lost it, here is the link to
> members directory - http://www.wpaa.org/memberInfo/
> > Well, having said that - I understand your grouse is justified. The pages
> > you contributed were too good, and i wasnt hoping or aspiring to better
> > them either. I just didnt know you were still around. Writing this all in
> So, does that mean I get my job back :-) Anyway, like I said, I have not
> been keeping much active on the mailing-list and certainly, have not
> been putting in much effort into 'Members Directory' either. I realize
> that even though it is a voluntary effort, it does need some serious
> attention.
> Well, now that we are all through with finger pointing (hopefully), I
> want to appreciate your time and effort for putting this whole thing
> together and hope to continue to be able to contribute positively
> towards DLUG.
> Regards,
> Nishi

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