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RE: IBM Thinkpad A21m

Thanks for the info! I'll go ahead and install RH now.

And finally!! Thank you for asking! :-) Yes I'm in US rite now and since I 
couldn't find a LUG here I decided to access the best resource I could think 
of! So how are things with the LUG down there?


>===== Original Message From Neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> =====
>well, i dont care... the sound card works great with alsa.
>as for the eth modem combo u can have any of the two sets depending on the
>order. the xircompci+ has no recorded problems(that i have read of) in
>linux. so neither should u have any problem...
>becides all that...
>long time since uve posted?? r u in the US rite now?

Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up it is perfect.