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Re: Directory access problem

Hi Sanjeev,

The Problem you are facing ( not able to execute file
from its directory) is not actually a problem, rather
its is for the security of the Linux System. Actually
the path is not set to search for ur current directory
also, if you want to run the file from its directory 
then you have to add a "." ( a dot) at the end of your
PATH variable, here dot represents the current
directory so that it searches for the program in
current directory too.

With Regds.

--- Sanjeev Kulshreshtha <kulshreshtha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I could not execute the file from the same directory
> where it exist. instead
> of this i have to go parent directory in case of
> users it is /home from here
> I am running linux on stand alone machine.
> Linux version Redhat 6.2 (Zoot)
> Kernel 2.2.14-12
> I also have mailed the problem two times to the list
> but it doesn't visible.
> I think all the message first checked by some one
> weather it should be
> posted on the list or not? if so please mail me so
> that I will remove my
> self from the list because i am newbie and have tiny
> problems like this.
> Regards
> Sanjeev

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