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Re: Directory access problem

Hi Ajay
I am also facing problem something like you.
I could not execute the file from the same directory where it exist. instead
of this i have to go parent directory in case of users it is /home from here
i can run the file giving fullpath. Some files which are in /usr/games are
not accessible from its own directory however i can run in from /home give
full path /usr/games/filename.

I am running linux on stand alone machine.
Linux version Redhat 6.2 (Zoot)
Kernel 2.2.14-12

I also have mailed the problem two times to the list but it doesn't visible.
I think all the message first checked by some one weather it should be
posted on the list or not? if so please mail me so that I will remove my
self from the list because i am newbie and have tiny problems like this.


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Subject: [linux-delhi] Directory access problem

Hi list,

I am facing a strange problem that user executable rights of some files gets
changed on its own.
I am not able to understand why it is happening, Can Umask help for this. If
yes pls tell me how umask works because I am not able to get any help for
I am running RH 7.

Thanks in advance

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