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My experience -

I TRIED loading samba and was pretty successful in it. I started the
service, went to a windoze m/c and checked out network neighbourhood and
yes there it is my loinux machine.. I felt like a linux guru in the
Well I clicked on the linux machines and it asked me a password - saying
You need a passwd to connect to this network. //linuxmc/IPC$. and no
username. I supplied all passwords of the linux machine and it refuses to
accept (including the root). I tried the NT super password but with no
results. I changed the encrypt password to no and still no effect. (I
restarted the service.) Well I was down.... I thought Neil was still
over-estimating. So now I am in a fix and there is no way out. Please note
I am not able to ftp to the linux machine using win98 too. It gives me the
- connected to server messg. Asks for username and passwd but gives
password incorrect. 

Thanking you in advance 

Goldwyn :o)
hope neil does'nt gets this mesg. Neil if u do please shut ur eyes.