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Re: Font Installation

Hi Goldwyn,

The xfs server shipped with Redhat has support for ttf fonts (I'm not
sure about other distributiions).  To use your windows fonts in linux, do

1. mount the windows partition (say to /dosc/)
2. mkdir /usr/local/ttffonts
3. cp /dosc/windows/fonts/*.ttf /usr/local/ttffonts
4. cp /dosc/windows/fonts/*.TTF /usr/local/ttffonts

5. The font files can only be in lower case, so use this script.

   cd /usr/local/ttffonts

   ls * | while read f;   do 
    if [ -f $f ]; 
   then   if [ "$f" != "`echo \"$f\" | tr A-Z a-z`" ]; 
   then mv -iv "$f" "`echo \"$f\" | tr A-Z a-z`";  fi; fi;   done

6. ttmkfdir -o fonts.scale
7. mkfontdir
8. You will now have 2 files, fonts.scale and fonts.dir in
   /usr/local/ttffonts, verify that you have them.
9. vi /etc/X11/fs/config, and add the path /usr/local/ttffonts to the
   list of paths there.
10. /etc/rc.d/init.d/xfs restart

You should now be able to see your fonts in the 'gfontsel' program
(the windings font can be most easily recognized).

Do tell me if it works,

>>>>> "Goldwyn" == Goldwyn Rodrigues <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Goldwyn> Dear Friends, I wish to know if there are any fonts
    Goldwyn> directory as windoze has?  How can we import ttf fonts?
    Goldwyn> How do we use fonts for different packages including
    Goldwyn> netscape navigator, abi word and kword?  Is there font
    Goldwyn> installation for Apache server also?

    Goldwyn> Thats it for now. If u cud answer any of the above
    Goldwyn> questions, it wud be of great help to me.

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