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Re: Front End for mysql

Try phpMyAdmin...its a web based mysql tool...neat one
check out this site for more details
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Subject: [linux-delhi] Front End for mysql


> Cud anyone tell me a good front-end for mysql. I've tried sourceforge.net

u will need php installed for it too work...
> and freshmeat.net but they don't have anything good to offer.
> One of the frontends I downloaded was mysql gui static 1.7. but it gives
> an error - cannot connect to local mysql server using /tmp/mysql.sock
> If u can help me rectify this error then it wud be great! There is no
> mysql.sock file in /tmp/mysql.sock. I tried making one with the port no.
> 3306 but does'nt help. (A foolish idea i guess).
> Thanx a lot.
> Goldwyn :o)
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