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Re: No GUI

On 26 Mar 2001, ajitpal singh wrote:

> But now I have upgraded my HDD from 8GB to 20GB
> seagate. My Partitions are 
> But now my GUI is not running with the new hard disk.
> I have also WIN ME on my System.
whatever is the relation between a new hdd and X??? i dont know and will
never either!!!
what do u mean by ur gui is not running??? have u tried configuring it
using rhlinux's setup utility???

> even during installation GUI does not appear
> If you are  having any solution please help me
thats probably why ur GUI isnot working! it didnot configure while
installing and as most win-x-perts xpect X to run by default, ur having a
problem. just login as 'root' and run 'setup'->x confiurator and the rest
is quite windows like.