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Re: linux sticker!!!

	I've got a big 8x3 Caldera sticker, and a few SuSE sticklers - if
thats any good for you. Also, there was this address of Aditi Computers
floating around some days back, they sell nice Linux and Linux-India
stickers. Got them pasted all over my Box, car, bag, doors etc. :-)

Heh, next step should be a penguin/camel tattoo ;-)

-- Sunny.

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Neil wrote:

>well... i have daringly transformed my new laptop into a pure linux
>box.(after all the fights with my dad whos it really is). now that i have
>achieved both feets... ie got linux on it and stolen the damm thing from
>him, i want to remove the stupid win98/win2000 sticker from it. but i want
>a linux sticker for it before that. anybody know where i can can some nice
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