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Re: Proxy with Squid

  I read ur attachement,squid.. ? i runs squid very nice only the thing is you have to download the squid from the site squid-cache.org or download the rpm, i did it with rpm,
With rpm it puts the conf file in /etc/squid/squid.conf the single configuration file in which you have to just uncomment the few variables,port,cache_mem,cache_dir,netmask etc
choose the port on which you want squid to run and don't forget to redirect all traffic at www to port you specify(in firewall),cache_dir is the dir where it caches the data to web,cache_mem i put the RAM i have,keep others default is a good idea.
Now run /etc initd squid start
if does't work out let me know and



Yashpal Nagar

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Please read the doc attached. Cud'nt copy> paste bcoz of stupid reasons.


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