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XFS problem

ok the story goes like this,
   my life was good coz the X was working fine .
   now one fine afternoon i boot up and the boot up messages tell me that X font server failed.
  i say to myself 
    take it itzy ...
the box boots up fine and then i go for the "startx"
   screen blacks out and after about 5 secs the X crashes saying "could not open default unix font "

my life.. you can guess what happened to it :(

my grey cells u know they are kinda wierd .. say that the X problem is related with that boot up message "X font server failed to start up"

so i try to start up the xfs script in init.d manually ...
again the same message "failed" "cannot open /usr/X11r6/lib/X11/fs/config"

i shout "come on man i am root how can i not open any file"
but no reply from the box !!!!! ;)

i check the permissions they are all ugoa+r so there is no problem( of course the config file exists ).

what the shit went wrong..

thanks ,
--Harshal Vaidya.

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