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Re: memory upgrade

> > this, the easy(but very irritating...) method is to just add "mem=96M"
> > the name of your boot image on the lilo prompt (if yr image is linux,
then u
> > will type linux mem=96M). The better alternative is to add this
parameter to
> > the lilo.conf file. To do that add a like append="mem=96M"
> i did this, but get an error about wrong ELF headers (can't load lib.so.6
> or something. sorry can't remember the exact error msg. will replicate
> and report.)
This happens, because the onboard video is taking some of the system ram
(normally 1mb on 810/815 motherboards!)
basically u will hav to make it mem=95mb or something lower.. check your
POST screen for the exact ammount in kb, and add mem=<post ammount>K

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