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Re: Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

> Now , i got the exact thing i suppose, i try to install modutils just
after upgrading the rpm, then i run --rebuilddb, Now nothing was happen then
i again run the --force upgrade of rpm and run --rebuilddb
> now it is showing only seven pacakges which i just upgrade, nothing else
in rpm -qa :-)
> You tell me one thing what are the chances if i upgrade it to RH7.

looks like that u hav zapped yr rpm db. I don't think that u can recover it
My suggestion wud be to reinstall linux afresh, and then reconfigure the
box. I wudn't trust red hat upgrade to do anything nicely (esp something
like a rh 6.2 to 7.0 upgrade) Last (first) time when i tried to upgrade my
rh 6.0 box to rh 6.1, the upgrade process didn't go off very smoothly, and
it ate up a lot of hdd space, and since then i hav learned to never upgrade
a rh distro!! (it is better and faster to take backups and then reinstall
the system). Also rh 7 has a completely different filesystem structure from
rh 6.x series, so u might hav problems when u transfer apps between these
two systems (though i hav yet to hav any probs). Also if u think abt running
rh 7, then remember to apply the glibc updates.

Also since i use linux mainly as servers, i just install linux on to a box
and then only apply updates that are required for security and never touch
the box. I hav learnt it the hard way that never do these kind of upgrades.
Almost always it is better to just back up the machine, and then install a
newer distro. That makes things nice for everyone!

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r