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Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

--- Yashpal  Nagar <nagar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 
> I run rpm -Uvh *.rpm to upgrade the packages. and
> then
> rpm --rebuilddb,
> After that no rpm command is running like rpm
> -qa,rpm -qi etc etc   
> Please tell where i went wrong , I have no backup of
> old rpm (/var/lib/rpm dir)
> HELP !!
> Yashpal Nagar
Ditto for me. From what I gather from from various rpm
related news forums that rpm 4.0 may be containing
bugs. They advise use of rpm 4.02. I am surprised how
RedHat has not come out with a solution on their
website. the problem it seems is in RPM 4 being a
major upgrade from RPM 3. There is also something
regarding change of database being used by both the
formats, which I haven't figgured out yet. Will post
when I find  solution.

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